Praying your desire starts with your deepest longings. The thing you most want might be love, significance, freedom, belonging--or any one of the 16 desires on the Desire Wheel (see the diagram). Here'sThe Desires Wheel how to identify a deep desire.

First, think of something you really want—for instance, to do well in that job interview tomorrow (or for a certain conflict to be over, or to know what you are supposed to do with your life). Then ask the Desire Question: "What would that give me?" In other words, if you did do well in the interview, what would you get from that?

The answer might be, "Maybe I'd get a job that pays me what I need to earn to actually live." But don't stop there: keep drilling down! Take your answer and ask the Desire Question again: "If I got the job, what would that give me?"

Keep asking the Desire Question until you start to cycle around one of the words on the Desire Wheel. In this case, let's say you end up at Security. That's the deep desire under wanting to do well in your interview: a better job would give you more of a sense of security and stability in life.

Praying the Prayer

Now, here's the key to the power of praying your desire. Most Christians pray for the object in this world that they think will give them their desire, instead of asking Jesus to meet the desire himself. We pray to do well in an interview (the worldly object) when what we really want is a sense of security and being protected. When we ask Father to give us a cheap substitute for himself--an idol--that can never really make us secure anyway, it is no wonder our prayers go unanswered! So instead of praying, "Help me do well in this interview," try asking, "Jesus, tell me how am I secure in you today." And then take one minute and see what he says!

These simple prayers ask for a rhema—a living, experiential word from the one who lives within. Reciting theology or what you know in your head won't do: the idea is to experience him speaking to you in a way that changes your heart. And it is surprising the things he will say!

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