Questions for Jesus--the Book
With 52 meditations, journalling pages and more, Questions for Jesus by master coach Tony Stoltzfus takes you on a journey of learning how to pray and coach around your deepest desires. Written in a devotional format, this book takes heart-level conversation with Jesus to a new level. You'll see how Jesus spoke to the deepest desires of those he met, and how he can do so for you. Built around 52 passages in Matthew where Jesus touches desires, each meditation offers five powerful, heart-level questions that will help you enter into the passage and receive what your heart most longs to hear.
The Invitation
Praying your desire works because it aligns with how the heart functions. The Invitation reveals the inner workings of the heart, giving you a greater awareness of why you do what to do and how to change it. This book esplains beliefs and desires, the unique change tool for each level of the heart, and how Jesus' way of change works not through focusing on the problem, but on letting him fill the unmet desire that causes it.
Questions for Jesus Mobile App
This unique app brings Questions for Jesus to your smartphone! Read one of the 26 meditation from the Questions for Jesus book, choose a question to ask Jesus, and the app plays instrumental soaking music while you pray. After giving you time to listen, it automatically takes you to your journal, where you can type in or dictate what you heard. You can sync up with friends and pray the same verse each day, or share what Jesus is saying with your team, on facebook or with the community on the Questions for Jesus site. Get it for Android or iPhone
Desire Discovery Cards
Make identifying emotions and desires easier with this handy coaching aid. The 52-card pack features 16 emotion cards for positive and negative emotions, a card for each of the 15 desires, 16 twisted desire cards and a set of question cards that help you ask great, heart-level questions. We've found that people more quickly identify what is going on inside them and talk more freely about it when they are holding a card. Includes a booklet with ten games and coaching activities for using the cards with groups.
Desire Photo Cards
Since the emotional brain responds to images more powerfully than words, often the best way to get in touch with feelings and desires is through pictures. This large-format set of 32 cards (two for each desire) feature color images of desires on the front and black and white photos representing twisted desires on the reverse. With the included booklet of games and coaching activities, the Desire Photo Cards are a great way to get a group talking about the heart.
Questions for Jesus Group Guide
Want to share what you are learning? The Questions for Jesus Group Guide gives you everything you need to offer an 8-week course on praying your desire. Available in printed or electronic format, this complete facilitator's guide includes session outlines, handouts, a PowerPoints presentation, promotional materials, and on-line videos (also available in hi-res format on DVD) so you can share your breakthrough with your church or team.Get it here.
Questions for Jesus DVD
A companion to the Questions for Jesus Group Guide, this DVD includes all 8 video sessions required for the Questions for Jesus Course.